12×12 Sheds – DIY, Kit, or Prebuilt?

12x12 sheds for sale in louisiana
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12×12 Sheds – Diy, Kit, or Prebuilt? Which One Is Best for You?

Are you looking for the perfect size for a backyard gym, home office, or hobby center? Have you been wondering about a 12×12 shed?

If so, you are on the right track! 12×12 sheds offers you a perfect spot and space for enjoying a rigorous workout, creating your skillful masterpieces, or completing a satisfying day’s work! Or, of course, enough space for storage, such as your trusty lawnmower, ATVs, or your labeled bins of decorations for every holiday of the year! 😊

Just imagine the purpose of your shed fulfilled inside a 12×12 like this. Does the size fit your dream?

12x12 sheds
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12 x 12 sheds
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What is a 12×12 Shed?

A 12×12 shed is 144 square feet of space perfectly suited for work, exercise, storage, creativity, and relaxation. Not too big or not too little. Just the right size!

Now that you know a 12×12 is the right shed dimensions for you and your desired purpose, it is time! Part of the challenge of taking on a big project, such as acquiring a new shed, is making that final decision on the best route. Time, skill, and money all play a huge part in making that final decision. Take a deep breath, it is time to let go of the stress of indecision, this blog is here to empower you to a satisfactory grand finale verdict.

Continue reading to figure out whether you should acquire your 12×12 by going DIY, kit, or prebuilt.

For you to make the best decision, let’s compare the 3 routes to your 12×12 shed, the pros and cons of each, the prices, and more!

Compare & Contrast: The Pros & Cons of the DIY, Kit, and Prebuilt Shed

12×12 DIY Shed

12x12 sheds in louisiana
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If you love building and hold seasoned skills as a craftsman, then the DIY route to your 12×12 shed may be a perfect fit. However, without previously acquired skills, building a 12×12 shed DIY could cost you more in the long run.

Consider this list of necessary materials (could potentially be more depending on your desired design) for your DIY 12 x 12 Shed. Remember to factor in the sizing to receive the most accurate estimate of the costs.

  • Foundation Materials
  • Floor framing including rim joists and floor joists
  • Floor covering material such as treated plywood
  • Wall framing
  • Extra framing for door(s)
  • Door hardware
  • Wall covering
  • Roof framing
  • Roof sheathing such as OSB or plywood
  • Roof covering such as shingles
  • Material for trim
  • Nails and screws
  • Renting equipment, if necessary
  • Lots of TIME

If you are new to the whole DIY route, check out this discussion on Do It Yourself to catch a conversation on the wisdom of going DIY.

Pros of a DIY 12×12 Shed

  • The cheapest route if you have carpentry skills and lots of available time.
  • Provides you the chance to utilize your organization, planning, and shopping skills.
  • Presents a project to work on with your buddies or family.
  • Offers you flexibility for unique designs that are difficult to find from a shed manufacturing company.
  • Opportunity to learn or to sharpen your carpentry skills.

Cons of a DIY 12×12 Shed

  • Requires a lot of your time! From organizing, planning, shopping, building, obtaining a building permit, laying a foundation, etc.
  • If you do not have adequate building experience, the potential for your shed to hold imperfections or reveal problematic issues down the road is high.
  • Potentially exposes your project to inclement weather which can delay build time or potentially harm your building materials.
  • Holds the potential for frustrations if you do not make precise cuts or run into other issues related to going DIY as a beginner.

12×12 Shed Kit

12x12 sheds in la
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Pros of a 12×12 Shed Kit

  • Saves money compared to pre-built sheds.
  • Provides a project to work on with family or friends.
  • More friendly for beginner builders (However, directions are still written with the expectations you will have general construction knowledge.)
  • Saves time compared to DIY, since all the materials are included in the kit.
  • Allows you to utilize or develop carpentry skills without the stress of figuring out the necessary measurements and cuts.

Cons of a 12×12 Shed Kit

  • Still requires your time! Estimated around at least 72 hours.
  • You still must build around inclement weather.
  • The kit may not have everything you need, depending on who you purchase the kit from.
  • Features such as widows and paint are usually not included in shed kits.

Prebuilt 12×12 Shed

Pros of a Prebuilt 12×12 Shed

  • Little to no stress involved!
  • No mess, sawdust, equipment, or pieces of wood lying around your yard for weeks or months.
  • Saves you TIME! No shopping, extended planning, building, permit hunting, busy weekends, etc.
  • No carpentry skills required and no anxiety from having to decide if you have the necessary skills.
  • The shed’s design and build are professionally done resulting in a long-lasting shed.

Cons of a Prebuilt 12×12 Shed

  • The most expensive option of the 3.
  • Requires time for thoughtful research for the right pre-built shed company.

The final option for acquiring your 12×12 shed is going the pre-built route. The pre-built shed experience is like ordering a gourmet meal from your favorite ritzy restaurant. You choose your favorite appetizer, entrée, and drinks, and it arrives at your front door without any hassle, time expenditure, or stress on your part.

What are the 12×12 Shed Price Comparisons – DIY, Kit, and Prebuilt?

Below is the general idea for the price ranges for each prospective route to your 12×12 shed.

DIY – $2,448 – $3,456

Kit – $2,704 – $5,000

Prebuilt – $2,792 – $7,000

Now that you have the full list of pros and cons, plus the general price range of DIY, kit, and prebuilt 12×12 sheds, you are fully equipped to make your final decision!

If you know you just do not have the time, expertise, or patience to go the DIY or kit route, prebuilt is the right option for you!

Available Options & Features for a Gemco 12×12 Shed!

Gemco offers you options when it comes to creating your dream 12×12 shed! Check out the following features available to include in your final shed product!

Bonus: Interior & Exterior Options!


Add a ramp to your storage shed for easy access.


Add a ramp to your storage shed for easy access.

Insulation & Plywood

Add insulation & plywood to provide your storage proper protection.


Add shelves to your storage shed for optimal organization.

Partner with Gemco for Your 12×12 Backyard Shed!

Whether you are looking for that backyard haven, aka, she shed or mancave, or if its simply a need for storage, Gemco got your back and your ideal shed! If you think that you need a larger size building, visit our 10×20 Sheds for Sale in Louisiana post to learn more about the larger building sizes.