10×20 Portable Garages for Sale in Louisiana

Onur Aydin - December 7, 2022

10x20 portable garages in la

The average American owns nearly two cars. With a full-sized family, this number increases exponentially. And with home renovations getting more and more expensive, it’s getting harder and harder to find space for all of your vehicles. So what is the answer to this problem?

A 10×20 portable garage offers a great solution for those hoping to gain extra storage space without the need for a full-scale construction project. These garages can be easily transported, offering a secure and weatherproof area for cars, bikes, or even simple storage equipment. Because of how a 10×20 portable garage is built, with sturdy frames and covers, they offer excellent protection from the elements. 

They are also an excellent way to get organized around the house, as they provide plenty of room for you to store tools, materials, old furniture, seasonal decorations, and much more. With a 10×20 portable garage, you can maximize living space in your home while still staying organized and clutter-free. 

Is A 10×20 Portable Garage The Right Investment For Me?

10x20 portable garages

Maybe it’s time to buy your kids a car now that they’re 16 or maybe it’s time to get a new car to separate your work and personal life. Whatever the reason is, if you have more than one car, a 10×20 portable garage is the perfect option for you. You can customize your 10×20 portable garage and it can come in many different styles, so you can find one that fits your specific needs. 

They are also convenient because they are easy to set up and won’t be a headache like full blown home renovation project would. Plus, having the extra coverage will help protect your vehicle from inclement weather, wild animals, and any other hazards. Keep in mind though that portable garages do require some maintenance to keep them up and running correctly; ensure that you have the time to devote towards doing any repairs if necessary.

10×20 Portable Garage Styles

10x20 portable garages in louisiana

At GEMCO, we offer a wide range of portable garage styles. You will find more customization option with us because the base of all of our portable garages starts with a shed. The features and add-ons that are fitted to these sheds create the beautiful portable garages that you know and love. 

Deluxe Barn 10×20 Portable Garages For Sale in Louisiana 

10 by 20 portable garages

The deluxe barn is one of our most popular portable garage styles because of their iconic look. All Americans are more than familiar with this quintessential design and in the last few decades, barn style structures have exploded in popularity. We use the highest quality galvanized steel and wood siding to provide you with the sturdiest 10×20 portable sheds in Louisiana. Click below to see how a deluxe barn 10×20 portable garage can benefit you!

Gable-Style 10×20 Portable Garages For Sale in Louisiana 

10x20 portable garages for sale in la

Our Gable-stye 10×20 Portable Garages in Louisiana thrive in their simplicity. They are a great choice as they provide not only a simple and economical storage solution, but they also will protect your vehicles from any harm. If you’re not familiar with the gable design, that’s alright! A gable style refers to how the roof is designed. Which consists of a single sloping plane of the same pitch on each side of the ridge. This design compliments any home and is sure to catch people’s eyes!

Economy 10×20 Portable Garages For Sale in Louisiana 

10x20 portable garages for sale

If you’re on a tighter budget and need a portable garage that won’t break the bank, our economy 10×20 portable steel garages in Louisiana are the perfect options for you! These economy portable garages are one car garages that get the job done! Don’t be fooled by the more affordable price tag, you do not lose any functionality or durability in your portable garage when you choose the economy option. We still build our economy portable garages with the same high-quality materials, the only difference is the features that come with the building. 

Rent-To-Own 10×20 Portable Garages For Sale In Louisiana 

10x20 portable garages for sale

We are very flexible with our prefab garage financing options to ensure that every homeowner gets the storage solution they need regardless of the money in their bank account.

Our first option is to pay all at once. Of course paying for the entire price of your portable garage is the most ideal situation. All of our buildings can be purchased with cash, credit card or check, without additional charges. 

The second option is the rent-to-own method. This is a great way to pay for your shed and is one of our most popular options. Our rent-to-own method does not require a credit check. You will only have to pay a small down payment which changes based on the structure you want. At the end of your payments, the storage building will be yours! Apply for Rent-To-Own here

The final option is traditional shed financing. This is an alternative to our rent-to-own shed option. These are all reliable options and we work with a credit financing company in order to include more way to make buying a portable structure affordable. The traditional financing is subject to a credit check. Apply for $0 down financing here.

10×20 Portable Garage Builder in LA

10x20 portable garages in la

Gemco Building Systems has been in the storage solutions industry for over 25+ years! We are a team of experienced crafters who value customer service and creating good, high-quality buildings. Our main location is in Shreveport, LA but we also extend our delivery reach to our surrounding neighbors in Springhill, Minden, Coushatta and Ruston, LA! For a simple per mile fee, we also deliver to surrounding states.

Our ordering process is simple. You get to design your dream builder using our 3D Shed Builder and submit a free portable garage quote. After that, you’re onto the financing step. Once you pay for your building, whether that’s straight out, rent-to-own storage buildings, or traditional financing it does not matter, we can move on to the next step. 

The last part is the construction of your portable storage building. Our expert craftsmen will get to work and once everything is perfect, it’s time for delivery. We offer site preparation prior to your delivery. This includes any excavation or foundation work. Once that is prepared, our crew will deliver, setup, and install your new building while you sit back and relax. 

And that’s it. You can now enjoy your building. 

To get started, you can view our 3D Shed Builder and design your dream shed. If you’re already sure of what you want, you can fill out a free quote here. We can’t wait to serve you!

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