How to Park Two Cars in A Small Garage With Ease

Onur Aydin - April 23, 2024

★ You’re In Luck! – If you are trying to figure out how to park two cars in a small garage, we will talk about the simple ways you can park two cars in a small garage in this blog post. Let’s dive in!

Are you adding another vehicle to your family and already seeking out new parking solutions? Perhaps, you already have more than one car and want to find more straightforward ways to park two cars in a small garage with the least amount of trouble? Just because you have two cars doesn’t mean you need the biggest garage, but you also can’t use a small garage to fit two cars in. 🙄 So, how do you park two cars in a small garage?!

How Much Room Do You Need?

A small garage can provide shelter to two cars easily, only if you know how much room do you need to park two cars in a small garage. 🎉

That’s being said, you want to make sure how are you planning to use a small garage.

  • If you plan to have some extra room for the garden supplies, backyard tools, workbench, or other accessories, your best option would be choosing an average size of garage.
  • If you only plan to park two cars in your garage, your best option would be choosing the smallest garage for the best bang for your buck.

If you already know how you plan to use your small garage, then there’s only one more thing to make sure, what are the minimum and average 2-car garage sizes? Let’s first find out what is the minimum two car garage sizes!

Minimum 2-Car Garage Dimensions

As Sponge Bob says in his GIF, both of your cars may be aware that they do not require a lot of space, but you are unsure of the minimum 2-car garage dimensions to fit both of your vehicles.

The most popular minimum-sized two-car garage is 18×21 (378 Square Feet).

Average 2-Car Garage Dimensions

As Tom Cruise says in his GIF, the average size of a two car garage might be the perfect fit for both of your vehicles and provide with some extra room to keep your garden supplies and backyard tools in it as well.

The most popular average-sized two-car garage is 20×21 (420 Square Feet).

How to Park Two Cars in a Small Garage

There are a several ways that allows you to park two cars in a small garage such as parking sliders and lifting tools, car parking assist products, and more. We will provide you with the three most the simplest parking solutions. Choose one of the following options to get an idea of how to park two cars in a small garage in Louisiana area.

Parking Sliders

If you are looking to find the most easiest way to park two cars in a small garages, a product like Parking Slider from Carousel USA would be the simplest way to park two cars in a small garage.

The Parking Slider’s model name on the video we shared is called the PS1.

The PS1 Parking Slider starts at $3,605 for a manual unit and $5,356 for an automated unit.

Car Parking Assist Products

how to park two cars in a small garage

If you think a Parking Slider is far away from what you need and all you need is a few simple solutions, your best option would be using the most popular parking assistance products.

Here is a few products to consider if you want to find a solution on how to park two cars in a small garage:

  • Editor’s Pick: Maxsa Park Right Mat
  • Genie Yellow Perfect Stop Parking Aid
  • Fosmon Dual Laser Garage Parking Assist
  • LogicXYZ Garage Parking Assistant
  • And more…

DIY Small Garage Parking Aid Ideas

do it yourself small garage parking assistance aid ideas

So, you’re one of the DIY’ers! 🤩

We all know the advantage of doing it yourself definitely saves us some cash! DIY Parking Aids would be the best option if you’re looking for creative and affordable small garage parking solutions.

Here, we’ve shared a blog post from The Spruce‘s for Practical Garage Parking Aids that has the most affordable DIY small garage parking assistance ideas such as traditional tennis ball garage parking aid trick.

Visit Practical Garage Parking Aids blog post to learn more about do it yourself small garage parking aid ideas.

What Is the Price of A 2-Car Garage in Louisiana?

Hopefully, we’ve answered your question about how to park two cars in a small garage. If you’re researching before buying a small garage to see if you can park two cars in a small garage, you might be wondering what is the price of a 2-car garage in Louisiana. 👀

We appreciate your inquiry! We are portable building experts who specialize in steel detached garages providing Louisiana and it’s neighbors with the All-American Steel Buildings! 🇺🇸

We’ve pre-designed one minimum-sized two car garage and one average-sized two car garage with their prices on it. Choose the two car garage type you’d like to buy from the pre-designs below and begin customizing! 🎨

Warranty Options of Small Two Car Garage

All our structures include an incredible 10/10/40 warranty. You may be asking yourself, what is a 10/10/40 warranty? 🤔

Let’s find out! 🔎

warranty options for a two car small garage

All of our portable structures come with a 10-year floor warranty. This means that we will come out and inspect all of the damage caused by a roof leak or any unprofessional workmanship.

All of our portable buildings are made entirely of steel made in the United States. This means you won’t have to deal with rust in the future. As a result, we are confident that our steel-based structures are the most durable portable buildings on the market. As a result, we’ve included a 40-year steel siding and roof warranty.

prefab metal buildings for sal in la

We loved our experience with GEMCO. Rhianna was very friendly & professional. We also got our building quick for our home-based business. Looking forward to ordering again from her!

Dawn Childs


Rent-to-Own a Small Two-Car Garage in Louisiana

Wondering how to afford your brand-new two-car garage in Louisiana? 🤔

Easy-Peasy with our RTO Small Two-Car Garage financing options!

small two car garage for sale in louisiana

You can rent to own a small 2-car garage in Louisiana from us! If you wonder how, all you have to do is either fill out a Free Small Garage Quote form for your new small garage, or design it via our Online 3D Small Garage Builder. Once you send your quote request, allow us to reach out to within 24 − 48 business hours.

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