Pole Barn Garage vs Portable Steel Garage

Onur Aydin - October 6, 2023

portable steel garages

Metal Garages are an extremely beneficial and appealing addition to any property, so naturally you are considering such a purchase. Perhaps you’ve heard about the popularity of pole barn garages or portable steel garages and it’s piqued your interest. However, one of the most important considerations in your final decision is the benefit of a pole barn garage or a portable steel garage.

What Is A Pole Barn Garage?

pole barn garages

Pole Barns are a traditional way of building a post-frame building without a basement. These types of buildings are primarily used in commercial, industrial, and agricultural fields. A pole barn garage’s primary purpose is to store heavy-duty vehicles and supplies inside a safe building that is protected from the outdoor elements.

Nowadays, we are looking for economical ways to build a detached garage for our vehicles due to the country’s lumber shortage. Understandably, we are usually looking for pole barns because they are built on concrete and are a pretty excellent alternative to a detached garage.

But is there a better alternative?

What Is A Portable Steel Garage?

steel garage buildings bossier city

A portable steel garage is a pre-built garage that is delivered to your house. Depending on the size of the garage you choose, it will have to be delivered in parts and installed on-site. A traditional roll-up garage door fully encloses portable garages. Portable garages have complete security from inclement weather.

Portable steel garages offer the classic feel and look of a detached garage and are our domain at Gemco, as we specialize in building high-quality portable steel structures. We can say that a portable steel garage is the most modernist alternative to a detached garage that matches the exterior style of your house.

What is Best for You? A Pole Barn Garage or A Portable Steel Garage?

Alrighty, we learned the basics of a pole barn garage and a portable steel garage. Now we can talk about the advantages of these buildings when it comes to a detached garage alternative.

Technically, it all depends on how you would use the building. A pole barn garage would be cheaper than a wooden garage because it’s a wooden framed metal building stabilized on concrete without a basement. However, portable steel garages would be a more affordable option compared to a pole barn garage.

Pros & Cons of A Pole Barn Garage

pros and cons of a pole barn garage

Pros of a Pole Barn Garage

Expensive initial costs
Visually looks warm
Fast to build by a builder
No foundation needed
More inexpensive materials

Cons of a Pole Barn Garage

Regular maintenance required
Requires a permit
Limited size options
Expensive repair costs
Leaks and rusts are possible
Not as aesthetically appealing as a portable garage

Pros & Cons of A Portable Steel Garage

pros and cons of a portable steel garage

Pros of a Portable Steel Garage

Adds value to your property
Aesthetically appealing
Portable and deliverable
No foundation needed
Unlimited size options
It can be a workshop, storage, or hobby space

Cons of a Portable Steel Garage

Possibly requires a permit
Rusts are possible
No basement

Significant Factor in ALL This

pole barn garages vs portable steel garages

Let’s be honest, both options are doable. We’re not saying you shouldn’t consider installing a pole barn garage, but we think buying a portable garage or prefab barn would save you tons of time, effort, and money while adding a more appealing look to your property. If you’d like to get a custom size or color to match your detached garage to your house, your best option would be a portable steel garage.

GEMCO Building Systems Portable Steel Garages

pole barn garage vs portable steel garage

At GEMCO, we offer All-American Steel Portable Garages for sale at affordable prices in Louisiana! If you’re looking to add value to your property while taking care of your backyard needs, our portable garage experts would be happy to help you find the best possible solution!

Steel Garage Features

Steel Garage Ideas

advantages of a portable steel garage
Customize This Design
advantages of a portable garage in la
Customize This Design
advantages of a steel garage
Customize This Design
prefab garages for sale no credit check
Customize This Design

Frequently Asked Questions: Portable Steel Garages

How do I get a Free Quote?

We’re glad you asked! You can easily use our Free Quote form to get a rough estimate for your future portable steel garage! You can also Contact Us if you have any questions.

How to Design My Own Portable Steel Garage?

Most of the shed builders in Louisiana area won’t offer Online 3D Portable Steel Garage Builder option, but we are! 🙂

Does GEMCO Service My Location?

We serve in and around Louisiana with our three main locations in Shreveport, Keithville, and Bossier City. You can visit our Areas We Serve page to find out if you’re in our service radius.

Does GEMCO Offer Financing?

We are offering three different financing options. All at once, Rent-to-own, or Traditional Financing. Visit our Financing page to apply for our financing options.

Buy an All-American Portable Steel Garage for Your Garage Needs!

We’d like to help you find your future portable steel garage with the best possible alternatives and unlimited size and customization options! We don’t want you to get something that doesn’t satisfy your needs.

Get A Free Quote For Your Portable Steel Garage

If this is what’ve been looking for, we’ve got what you need! Design your own building with our Online 3D Builder or use our Free Quote form to get a free estimate for your carport garage! Click the link below.

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