How Much Is A Carport & Commonly Asked Questions?

how much is a carport

How much is a carport? A carport can range from $1,500 to $10,000 depending on a variety of factors including the style, size, and material used to build your carport. Are you in the market for a carport? Do you simply just need shelter for your vehicle from harsh elements? Carports just might be the solution for you. And guess what???

Carports are more affordable than a garage!

In this blog, we will discuss more in-depth what factors determine the price of a carport, as well as see some examples of carports and their price range. But first, there are a variety of other commonly asked questions in relation to carports that we will review first before we dive into prices.

Questions such as is a carport as good as a garage? What is the difference between a carport and a garage? Does a carport add value to a house?

So, without further delay let’s dive into some commonly asked questions.

What is the difference between a carport and a garage?

A garage is a fully enclosed space, typically attached to a house, and is considered livable space. Therefore, garages often must be built to code. On the other hand, a carport has at least 2 sides open and is often detached from the house.

There are several different factors that contribute to what makes a carport uniquely different from a garage. Listed below are some of those factors:


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  • Detached from House
  • Not fully enclosed
  • Typically used only for car shelter
  • Not required to be built to code
  • Typically more cost-effective, but also depending on if you build or buy your carport.


steel garage buildings shreveport la
  • Attached to a house
  • Full enclosed and equipped with electricity
  • Can be used for a car shelter and to store additional items
  • Is required to be built to code
  • Typically more expensive and requires skilled labor to be built properly
  • Can be used for multiple purposes

Does a carport add value to a house?

Yes, a carport can add value to your home resulting in you being able to increase your asking price if you were to sell your home. Carports are cost-effective and are a valuable attribute to your home when considering the shelter it provides for your vehicles. Essentially, you save money by purchasing a carport because they are typically more cost-effective. Carports also add value to your home, giving you a return on your investment.

Is a carport as good as a garage?

Short answer, no. A carport does not operate as well as a garage because a carport is functionally designed for a slightly different purpose than a garage. A garage is designed to provide 100% shelter for your vehicle as well as provide accommodation to store various outdoor and indoor equipment. Therefore, garages are equipped to function at a much higher level.

On the other hand, carports are mostly designed only for the purpose of providing shelter for your vehicle. They are not designed nor equipped for additional storage accommodation. Carports, therefore, are built with less functionality given their purpose is not as demanding as a car garage.

Don’t let the functionality of a carport compared to a garage lead you to believe a garage is overall better for you.

What matters most is what your need is!

If all you need is shelter to keep your vehicle safe from harsh weather elements, then a carport would be most suitable for you. If you are needing something with much higher functionality, then obviously a garage would be most suitable. The cost associated with both will vary, but it is all about what would best fit your needs.

Carport Prices

Carport pricing can vary depending on several different factors, but the overall range is between $1,500 to $10,000. Below are some listed prices for various styles of carports that will at least give a closer idea of the approximate price you would pay for a carport. 

Single Car Carport

  • Galvalume (no color choice) $1,550
  • Regular (choose colors) $2,425

Double Car Carport

  • Galvalum (no color choice) $1,945
  • Regular (choose colors) $3,445

RV Cover

  • 12x30x10-$4,745

Enclosed Carport/Garage

  • 18x21x8 w/Garage Door $8,090

In short, the cost of a carport and garage depends on a variety of factors. Do you have a carport or garage in mind that you would like to purchase? Check out our carports and garages today for a free quote.