Available Portable Buildings in Longview

We are located in Shreveport, and we are ready to serve and to deliver to Longview, TX. All our products are built with all American steel and materials. We build our smaller structures in our factory and then delivered to the location of your choice. If needed, we also build larger portable storage buildings at your property including site preparation such as foundation work or concrete before the installation process.

We Offer Delivery and Service to the Following Locations;

Jefferson, Hallsville, Tatum, Elysian Fields, Scottsville, Nesbitt, and more!

sheds for sale in longview tx

Storage Sheds in Longview, TX

If you are trying to increase the value of your property in an economical way, then you might want to consider adding an extra storage shed to your property. Not only will you be investing in the value of your home, but you will also have a well maintained and organized backyard. If you’re looking for portable buildings for sale in Longview, TX, go no further than GEMCO. Visit our 10×20 Sheds for Sale in Louisiana and 12×12 Sheds – DIY, Kit, or Prebuilt? blog posts to learn more about storage sheds.

Storage Sheds

Carports in Longview, TX

You might think that carports are only for cars. Yes and no! Cars are a popular use, but there are many other ways to utilize a carport. Carports can cover and protect your lawn movers, small tractors, work equipment, RVs, and much more! Our carports are built with all American made steel, which is a top-quality material.

carports for sale in longview texas
steel barns for sale in longview tx

Steel Barns in Longview, TX

A barn is essential for the comfort of your farm animals as well as the protection of their food supply in order to maintain a healthy food chain. We can’t trust our animals to be efficient if we don’t give them the words they want, no matter how much their arrangements adhere to their natural environments.

Steel Barns

Steel Garages in Longview, TX

Can you see rust or slow weathering on your snazzy new car or good ol’ faithful when you shut your eyes? You are wise to consider a safe and weatherproof space for your vehicles’ safety. Not only can you protect your cars from heavy rainfall or hail, but you also love putting your “baby to sleep under lock and key.” We got steel garages for sale in Longview, TX. Visit our Advantages of A Detached Garage and Pole Barn Garage vs Portable Steel Garage 2021 blog posts to learn more about steel garages.

Steel Garages
portable storage sheds for sale in longview tx
metal shop buildings for sale in longview tx

Metal Shop Buildings in Longview, TX

The primary function of an all-American steel barn is to maintain agricultural equipment, tools, and supplies in good working order. The only way to increase farm productivity is to build a barn where you can store your farm machinery, goods, and animals safe and secure. Protecting and housing your farm animals in a high-quality barn would help you realize your farm dreams. 

Metal Shop Buildings

Greenhouses in Longview, TX

Are you ready to get your gardening experience “inside” and up a notch?! If so, a greenhouse is a tried-and-true way to give your vegetables, fruits, or flowers a head start on the growing season. Plus, even in the sweltering heat of summer in Louisiana, a greenhouse is a tropical fruit, vegetable, and plant heaven! Discover their lists at our What to Plant in a Greenhouse in Louisiana? blog post. Get ready to taste some of the most delicious and unusual fruits and plants this summer when you invest in your very own adorable greenhouse!

portable greenhouses for sale in longview tx
wooden decks in longview tx

Wooden Decks in Longview, TX

Our expert wood deck builders are ready to assist you in finding the ideal wooden deck for your home. Request a free estimate from a professional wood decks builder. You will be able to inspect our decks up close and get expert advice on which structure is best for your requirements.

Wooden Decks

Directions to our Locations

Longview, TX.

1931 Barton Dr. Shreveport, LA (Mon – Fri 9am to 5pm)

Drive east on I-20 towards Shreveport. Take exit from 11 to merge onto I-220 East. Take exit 7A to merge onto N. Market St. then turn left onto Havens Rd. (by AAA Auto Clinic). Turn right onto Grimmett Dr. (at the Streaker Lounge). Then turn right onto Barton Dr. and GEMCO is the first building located on your right.

Longview, TX.

3246 Stagecoach Rd, Keithville, LA. (Sat 10am to 4pm)

Drive east on I-20 towards Keithville. Take exit 8 and turn right for LA-526. Turn right off of LA-526 onto Dean Rd. (by Shell gas station). Continue onto Ardis Taylor Dr. and turn right onto US-171 South (past Tractor Supply Co.). Then turn right onto Stagecoach Rd. GEMCO is located on your left.

online 3d shed builder

3D Shed Builder & Carport Builder

Design your own dream storage building by using the Gemco Buildings Online 3D Builder and choose your preferred size, color, flooring, and much more. Create your perfect design and we will bring it to life! Learn how to use our Online 3D Portable Shed Builder or 3D Metal Carport Builder by clicking the link below.

How to Use Online 3D Builder

Our Warranty

We use all-American steel materials to build our portable buildings. We believe in our durable material choice and we proudly back up our quality with an incredible 10/10/40 warranty!



Our previous customer reviews are the best gauge to our quality. Visit our reviews page to read what people said about GEMCO Portable Builders and you can leave a feedback about us! 


Financing Options

Take advantage of our financing options today! We offer both traditional loans as well as rent-to-own shed options (without credit check). Visit our financing page to see what options we offer.

Financing Options

Portable Buildings for Sale in Longview, TX

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