Wood Sheds in Louisiana

Do you want your shed to have a traditional wood look while also being weatherproof? A stained or painted wood shed could be ideal for you!
Our stained wooden sheds are among our most economical structures. Furthermore, the stain penetrates and soaks into the wood, forming a decay-resistant barrier against nature!
We build wooden huts of various sizes, forms, and patterns. Choose from our range of prefabricated wooden sheds or construct your own!
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Wood Sheds For Sale in Louisiana


Wood Shed Styles

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Economy Barn Wood Sheds

If you are looking to find a portable storage shed that will provide you just enough storage space, then you should consider choosing economy barn wood sheds.

Economy Barn Wood Sheds
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Deluxe Barn Wood Sheds

If you are expecting more than just a storage shed, you could choose our Deluxe Sheds for a larger storage space. Check out our deluxe barn wood shed page to learn more.

Deluxe Barn Wood Sheds
wood sheds for sale

Economy Gable Wood Sheds

If you need just enough space to store your outdoor furniture, toys, supplies, or equipment such as snow blower, lawn mower, etc. our economy gable wood sheds would be a great option for your storage needs.

Economy Gable Wood Sheds
wood shed for sale

Deluxe Gable Wood Sheds

If you are looking for an improvement to your property while providing a large storage space for your outdoor equipment, our deluxe gable wood shed would be a great solution for your needs.

Deluxe Gable Wood Sheds

Where To Buy Wood Sheds in Louisiana

wood sheds in louisiana

We offer portable and permanent wood storage buildings throughout all of central Louisiana. If it feels like too long of a drive to stop by our main locations and see what is available in stock, we included our online 3D Wood Shed Builder. Now you can build your own wood sheds from the comfort of your cozy couch, and we will do the rest!

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Standard Wood Shed Features

Wood Sheds FAQ’S

DIY Wood Sheds: If you love building and hold seasoned skills as a craftsman, then the DIY route to your wood shed may be a perfect fit. However, without previously acquired skills, building a wood shed DIY could cost you more in the long run.

Wood Shed Kit: When compared to pre-built sheds, this method saves money. Gives you a project to work on with your family or friends. More user-friendly for novice builders. Saves time over DIY because all supplies are included in the package. It is expected to take at least 72 hours. You must still plan for adverse weather. Depending on where you buy the kit, it may not contain everything you require. Shed kits typically do not contain features such as windows or paint.

Pre-Built Wood Sheds: The pre-built wooden shed experience is like ordering a gourmet meal from your favorite ritzy restaurant. You choose your favorite appetizer, entrée, and drinks, and it arrives at your front door without any hassle, time expenditure, or stress on your part.

Learn more at ” 12×12 Sheds – Diy, Kit, or Prebuilt? ” blog post.

Depends on your needs, you can make your decision on choosing either metal sheds or wood sheds. You can learn more about which material is best option for your needs at Wood vs. Metal Framing blog post.

All our wood sheds include an incredible 10/10/40 warranty. You may be asking yourself, what is a 10/10/40 warranty? Learn more about our wood shed warranty at our Warranty page.

We had a very good experience purchasing a building and carport from Gemco.

Jeremiah was closing up shop when we arrived but took the time to walk us around and helped us choose the building that was right for us. Very courteous and professional.

We just had our shed and car awning installed. The installation was fast and professional and the quality was excellent. Once again I would refer Gemco to anyone. After the installation I compared ours with the neighbors around us and ours was on a par with the best.

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Free Wood Sheds Delivery

Our goal at GEMCO Building Systems is to serve our neighbors by not only selling wood sheds in Louisiana, but also by keeping your expenditures to a minimal. We do this in part by providing free delivery within 50 miles of any of our locations. It’s a straightforward per-mile cost beyond 50 miles. Purchasing a wood shed should be as simple as possible!

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3D Shed Builder & Carport Builder

Design your own dream storage building by using the Gemco Buildings Online 3D Builder and choose your preferred size, color, flooring, and much more. Create your perfect design and we will bring it to life! Learn how to use our Online 3D Portable Shed Builder or 3D Metal Carport Builder by clicking the link below.

How to Use Online 3D Builder

Our Warranty

We use all-American steel materials to build our portable buildings. We believe in our durable material choice and we proudly back up our quality with an incredible 10/10/40 warranty!



Our previous customer reviews are the best gauge to our quality. Visit our reviews page to read what people said about GEMCO Portable Builders and you can leave a feedback about us! 


Financing Options

Take advantage of our financing options today! We offer both traditional loans as well as rent-to-own shed options (without credit check). Visit our financing page to see what options we offer.

Financing Options

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