Economy Barn Sheds

Here you will find our economy barn sheds for the best bang for your buck! Our economy barn shed styles includes everything that our deluxe includes, the only difference is the height of the building and the roll-up doors. If all you need is an enough storage space with some ventilation, our economy barn sheds would provide you the best possible storage space!

The Economy Barn

If you are looking for our most cost-effective storage shed, choose the Economy Barn. We can assure you, that just because this is an economical product it does not mean we cut corners in its production.

Economy Barn Features
economy barn storage buildings bossier city

Economy Storage Barn Features

Economy Barn Design Ideas

Here are some of the pre-designed economy barn ideas. You can choose the one you like and continue customizing from the existing design. 

economy barn fusion shed
Fusion Economy Shed
economy barn roomie shed
Roomie Economy Shed
economy barn portable shed
Traditional Economy Shed
economy barn unique shed
Tough Economy Shed

Popular Options

Exterior Options

barn style storage building

Add a ramp to your storage shed for easy access.

tiny roof porch
Porch Roof

Add a tiny roof to your storage shed for weather protection.

Interior Options

finished inside portable shed
Insulation & Plywood

Add insulation & plywood to provide your storage proper protection.

interior shelves lofted storage

Add shelves to your storage shed for optimal organization.

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