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Let’s be perfectly clear, we don’t build the cheapest storage units in Louisiana. However, since 1994, we believe we have been building some of the highest quality portable storage buildings in the industry. Our goal is to serve Louisiana’s residents and surrounding neighbors with a better solution for their storage needs for years to come.

~ Live Better ~

Store and Organize

gemco portable buildings sheds

Storage Sheds

If you are looking for a way to live a more organized life, a portable storage building is a good place to begin. Sheds can keep your backyard supplies, tools, and equipment safe while helping you keep your indoors and backyard tidy. Better yet, you can turn your storage building into a unique hobby space where you can spend creative time doing what you enjoy most!

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gemco portable buildings garage


If you think a garage is designed to give you a protected parking space and an additional storage area, you are right. However, garages not only give you more space to park, they also increase the value of your property. Furthermore, a properly designed garage can enhance the aesthetics of your property when its color and design accent match your property’s existing structures.

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gemco portable buildings carport


Your vehicle will require inevitable maintenance if left outside in harsh weather conditions. However, a carport protects your car from the wear and the tear of rain, wind, and snow. Plus, this means you can stop squandering your hard-earned money on mechanic shops. Save money, avoid stress, and enjoy having a shelter for your vehicle with one of our carports! Click “View Carports” to see your options.

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Lodging and Recreation

portable tiny house mansfield la


Our cabins are a popular way to create unforgettable memories with family, friends, or loved ones. They can be used as a summer house or a hunting lodge at your favorite hunting spot. Our smaller cabins are built in our factory and delivered to your location, or we can build them on-site as well.

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gemco portable buildings tiny homes

Tiny Homes

Choose a Tiny Home if you are craving a minimalist lifestyle. These mini houses can also serve as a granny pod, guest house, playhouse for your children, and much more. When it comes to creating a beautiful addition to your property, customizable options are always available.

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deck builders la

Decks & Porches

All of us want to create memorable moments with our loved ones. Decks and porches are the most cost-effective way to enhance the joy of your outdoor activities with family or friends. Gather around your deck for barbeques, parties, or a relaxing evening.

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jeremiah beeson

Best warranty, service, and quality in the business. 25 years of local manufacturing and professionalism shows! Custome any carport, shop, or storage building just how you want it!

jeremiah beeson
April 27, 2020

~ Work Better ~

Farm & Business

gemco portable buildings office


These prefab office buildings create additional spaces for your residential or commercial needs. They can be used for residential purposes, such as an office, workspace, and much more! For commercial use, they can be used as a security room, lunchroom, or conference room, and more. Everyone could use an organized space for optimal work productivity. 

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Gemco Portable Buildings Metal Structures

Metal Buildings

Don’t make the mistake of purchasing a cheap building that will leave you with regret in a few years. Choose Industrial Metal Buildings from GEMCO Portable Buildings for unbeatable durability! We manufacture the top-quality, all-American made steel materials and products used to build our metal structures.

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gemco portable buildings barn


The secret of productive farming involves providing quality living conditions for your farm animals. If you want to receive higher farming productivity that results from happy and healthy farm animals choose one of our all-American steel made portable barn buildings. Enjoy providing a comfortable and durable home for your prized farm animals


Plants and Animals

pet structure near shreveport


We want the best for our pets. Their health and happiness are our top priorities, which is why providing them with a comfortable sleeping quarters is one of the best places to start. Our dog kennels provide an excellent sleeping space and ample protection from the outdoor elements. A dog kennel can be very useful to both the dog and the owner. Happy dog, happy owner, happy home!

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gemco portable buildings greenhouse


Do you wish your plants could extend their growing season or increase in more abundant productivity? If so, you should consider investing in a greenhouse for your plants. A greenhouse can provide your plants with ideal, growing conditions which results in increased production and overall health of your plants.

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Online 3D Builders

Design your own dream storage building by using our Online 3D Builder and choose your preferred size, color, flooring, and much more. Create your perfect design and we will bring it to life!

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Our Warranty

We use all-American steel materials to build our portable units. We believe in our durable material choice and we proudly back up our quality with an incredible 10/10/40 warranty!



Our previous customer reviews are the best gauge to our quality. Visit our testimonials page to read what people said about GEMCO Building Systems and you can leave a feedback about our service! 


Financing Options

Take advantage of our financing options today! We offer both traditional loans as well as rent-to-own options (without credit check). Visit our financing page to see what options we offer.

Financing Options

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