We Offer 3 Different Financing Options

Adding a portable building to your property may be just the solution for your lack of storage or corporate space. Although you recognize the need, you may hesitate to take the next step due to concern as to whether you can afford your desired structure.

Option 1: All at Once

Of course, paying immediately for the entire price of your portable building is the most ideal option. All our portable structures including metal carports, wooden decks, prefab cabins, and more can be purchased with cash, credit card, or checks (without additional charges). Fill out a Quote Request today and let our experts help you complete the transaction.

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 Option 2: Rent-to-Own

Instead of paying nagging, rental fees that leave you with nothing to show in the end, we offer our rent-to-own option for your portable building. Our rent-to-own financing options are available. Once your payments are done the portable building will be all yours!

Rent-to-own financing options do not require a credit check. The only immediate requirement is a small down payment which varies depending on the desired portable structure. Fill out an application and take advantage of our Rent-to-Own financing option.

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Option 3: Traditional Financing

Our traditional financing option is the ideal alternative to our Rent-to-Own financing option. We work with a reliable financing company in order to include more ways to make buying a portable structure doable. Keep in mind that this option is subject to a credit check.

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Reserve an Appointment to Find Out More About Available Options

If you already know the financing options you are going to choose or still cannot decide, just schedule a free quote. Find out if you can take advantage of our financing options on storage sheds, detached garages, metal carports, cabins, decks, and more. Our customer service will partner with you to find out which option would be the most ideal choice for your storage shed purchase.

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