A portable greenhouse is a structure that provides a controlled environment for plants of all kinds, especially tropical or exotic ones, to grow uninhibited by harmful, outside forces.

Our portable greenhouse are built with two different materials, wood and steel. The steel framed potting sheds are much more durable than the wood framed ones. A polycarbonate sheet surrounds the outside of both buildings and acts as the siding and coverage for the roof.

Polycarbonate sheet is a transparent material allowing the crucial ingredients of sunlight and proper airflow to reach all your plants. It promotes a humid, plant loving environment while protecting your plants against impact damages such as heavy rains and high winds.

We provide both residential and commercial potting sheds. Whether you wish to expand your backyard garden or upgrade your nursery, our portable greenhouses come in any desired size.

You can’t go wrong with a potting shed!

A potting shed can extend your plant’s growing season by protecting them, providing better air circulation, and offering enough sunlight. Choosing to grow vegetables inside a portable greenhouse will produce healthier and happier results. Plus, your vegetables can replicate more freely which results in a more abundant crop. You will be enthralled by the peaceful and serene climate afforded to your plants by the purchase of your very own portable potting shed!

Benefits of a Greenhouse
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Benefits of a Greenhouse

Protection for plants.

Extended growing season.

Produces healthier and happier plants.

Increases the abundance of your crop.

Check out our What to Plant in a Greenhouse in Louisiana post to learn more about benefits of a greenhouse!

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