Portable Cabins

Portable cabins are semi-permanent structures that earn their name for their ability to be transported in pre-assembled sections and installed on-site. Also, because portable cabins remain structurally unaltered throughout their transportation, installation, and use, they can also be removed and moved to a new location, if and as needed. Portacabins have optional sizes, materials, and layouts available for you to choose your own unique cabin design. These customizable portable cabins are more affordable than the average cabin because of their manufacturing process. The cabins are built in our factory and then delivered to the location of your choice.

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Barn Cabins

Can you imagine anything more relaxing than hearing the melodious songs of the birds, feeling the warm breezes and the scents of nature surrounding you? Say goodbye to stress as you allow the healing power of nature have its way with you. 

The distinct features of the Barn Cabin include a lofted extra sleeping space and its unique architectural design. Choose the Barn Cabin if you are hoping to have a small hunting lodge for a group of friends or vacation getaway for your family!

Barn Cabins
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Gable Cabins

Gable cabins are built with a different roof design than barn cabins which creates a smaller and cozier space. Because of gable cabins’ roof design, they are built without the extra lofted room. Overall, the main distinction that sets our gable cabins apart from our barn cabins is less sleeping space. Both cabins have the same layout.

Choose gable cabins if you would like to have a personal space of your own where you can rest and relax. Consider renting out your gable cabin to couples or small families. The options for use are limitless!

Gable Cabins

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