What is an Online 3D Builder

Shed Builder..? Carport Builder..? ūü§Ē

You’ve probably heard of the new breed of online 3D Shed Designers that are supplanting traditional shed shopping methods. With the modern technology available in the GEMCO Building Systems’ 3D Shed Builder, we can ensure that your design meets your needs.

A concern you may have is, “Will I be able to use an online 3D shed builder?” You absolutely can!

Continue reading to learn how simple and straightforward it is to utilize our online 3D builder.

How To Use 3D Shed Builder or Carport Builder

In this video, you will learn how to use our Online 3D Shed Builder. However, if you want additional information on each step of designing a storage shed using our 3D Designer, you can continue reading.

Note: The Carport Builder will have same steps with different features.

1 choose the shed builder

Step 1 – Choose the Designer

2 choose the shed style

Step 2 – Style

  • Choose the Style that you’d like to buy for your backyard storage needs.
  • Select the Siding Style after you decide which style of shed or metal carport you want.
  • Select the Sidewall Height if it’s a deluxe shed. (Economy shed styles always 7′ height).
  • Select a roofing material from Metal or Shingles.
3 choose the shed size

Step 3 – Size

  • Select the size of your storage shed or carport.
  • We have sizes from 8×8 to 12×24.
  • Then, move on the next step.
4 choose the doors, windows, and exterior options

Step 4 – Doors, Windows, & Exterior

  • Select the wall you want the door, and choose the door style and size.
  • Select the wall you wish to the window, and choose the style and size.
  • If you’d like to have a vent, add it to the wall you want to have.
  • You can add a roll-up door to your portable building.
5 choose the shed color

Step 5 – Color

  • Choose the colors that will be used on the storage building.
  • Your building can be three distinct colors.
  • The parts for which you can select colors are the roof, siding, and trimmings.
6 choose the shed flooring and interior options

Step 6 – Floor & Interior

  • Choose the floor joist option. (Some building styles will have standard options).
  • If you’d like to have shelves, you can add item to interior using our shed builder or carport builder.
  • Then, you can customize the size of the shelves once you add it.
7 submit for a free shed quote

Step 7 – Submit for Free Quote

  • Hit “Submit For Quote” button to get a free estimate once you’re done designing your prefab building.
  • Then, fill out the form that pops up after you hit submit button on both shed builder and carport builder.
  • Once you fill out the form, hit submit again to get your free storage building quote.
8 receive your free quote and shed plan censored

Step 8 – Receive the Free Quote

  • You will receive an automated email once you fill out and submit your design.
  • Email will contain your prefab building’s pictures, plans, and other details.
  • We will reach out to you for your design once ASAP once we receive your request thru our shed builder or carport builder.
9 building

Step 9 – Building & Scheduling

  • We will reach out to you and ask for payment (or approval of RTO) before building your prefab storage shed.
  • We will build your storage building once we get your downpayment (or approval for the RTO).
  • Then we will schedule a delivery day with you.

Photo credit: Canva

10 delivery

Step 10 – Delivery ūüéČ

  • We will deliver your portable building once we schedule the day and time.
  • Our delivery person will make sure to place your building to where you exactly want it.
  • Once the delivery process is over, you can enjoy your new storage building! 
Use the Online 3D Builder