Advantages of A Detached Garage

Onur Aydin - October 6, 2023

advantages of a detached garage 2022

Advantages of A Detached Garage: DIY or Prefab – Which Is Best for You?

Garages are a super beneficial and attractive addition and to any property, so naturally, you are considering such a purchase. Perhaps the popularity of detached garages has been circulating and piquing your interest. However, one of the main factors in your final decision-making is looking at a detached garage’s advantage. You want to be certain of the best beneficial route. We understand your desire to use your hard-earned money wisely, which is why this blog is going to cover the advantages of a detached garage, ways to build a detached garage, and slightly the detached garage prices.

Let’s get started!

First, what is a Detached Garage?

what is a detached garage

Let’s lay out the definition of a detached garage. Its highly likely you are fully aware, however for clarity’s sake…

A detached garage is a completely separate building from your home and often placed near your house or anywhere within the parameters of your property.

Break-down Advantages of a Detached Garage

prebuilt detached garage

The following benefits of a detached garage speak to its rising popularity. Allow these advantages of a detached garage to convince you of its worth before we dig deeper into the detached garage prices.

#1 Positive “Social” Distancing (between your buildings)

custom detached garage designs

No need to have all your property’s buildings smashed together in one spot. The beauty of detached garages is its flexibility of location. You can place a detached garage a few feet or yards away from your home. Nowadays, people are finding a detached garage to be more attractive aesthetically than attached or integral garages for its flexibility of location.

#2 Adds Value to Your Home

add value to your home with detached garages

A detached garage gives back to you! This is especially important as we prepare to talk about detached garage prices.  If you are planning on selling your home soon or just for the blessed sake of knowing, a detached garage will add value to your home. This is a huge advantage and should be a non-negotiable when considering a big investment like the addition of a new building to your property. According to Danley’s Garage World, “The overall national average is that you recoup about 65% of the value of your detached garage during resale. That percentage serves as a solid baseline since there are so many different configurations and sizes available in detached garages.”

#3 Enjoy Cleaner Air

detached garage benefits

A detached garage ensures that your home’s air steers clear of unhealthy car fumes. No need to worry about carbon monoxide building up in your laundry room or house. Plus, you can enjoy getting fresh air walking to and from your house. Make sure to factor in cleaner air as a complementary freebie to your final detached garage prices.

#4 Dream Design Options Await

beautiful detached garages

With detached garages, you have a whole slew of special customization options to match your existing buildings. Or you can choose a unique yet complementary design to add more spice to your property’s aesthetical appeal.

How to Build a Detached Garage?

Alright, perhaps you are sitting on the fence with DIY on one side and a prebuilt garage on the other, which way should you go? If so, allow the following expectations of both help you get off the fence and onto one side.

 Expectations for a DIY Detached Garage

diy detached garage

Let’s start by breaking down what building DIY would involve as well as the potential price for a DIY garage. We will consider 3 factors, time, effort, and money.

1. A lot of Time

The amount of time really varies, depending on your level of carpentry skill, whether you are going solo or recruiting help, your availability, and size of garage.  However, if the permits and the foundation are ready to go and you are recruiting help, you could possibly get a detached garage up in one full dedicated weekend. However, it is more realistic to set aside at least 5 days to build the detached garage. Obviously doing insulation, electric, and interior remodeling will take much longer. Building a detached garage DIY will require a lot of your time.

2. Meticulous Effort

We already mentioned the time it will take to JUST build the garage, however, much more effort and time is required to assemble all the materials, hire a contractor, get your permits approved, build the foundation, and all other nitty gritty details that must be factored into the final DIY detached garage prices.

3. Still Costs Money

DIY detached garages can potentially save you money, but it will still cost you money and time. For some time is money, so make sure you consider if the money you are saving is worth the amount of time you will be investing into this project. The amount of money you will actually spend on a DIY detached garage really does vary; However, if you go with a contractor, a price estimation for the basic shell of a garage is $40-50 per square foot.

Check out these YouTube video by Garage How To, for a more detailed explanation on the DIY detached garage prices.

Expectations for Prebuilt Detached Garage

detached garage prices

Let’s consider the above factors of time, effort, and money for a prebuilt detached garage as well.

1. Saves Time

Purchasing a pre-built detached garage saves you a lot of time! The time that would require you to research all the right materials, gather all the materials, find a reputable contractor, build the garage etc. is all given back to you on a silver platter. A detached garage builder and their team takes care of all those details.

2. Less Effort

The most effort required from you in a prefab detached garage purchase involves choosing your ideal pre-built garage style, size, special customization, prepping the foundation, and possibly contacting the township for permits. If you are already pouring your best efforts into your job, or other responsibilities, it is an especially wise idea to invest in a prebuilt detached garage.

3. Costs Money

A detached garage costs money, yes. However, if your time is money then the final detached garage prices may save you money in the end. On average a pre-built detached garage will cost more than a DIY, especially since the cost of labor is included in the pre-built package. Consider though, that a reputable detached garage builder will build you a high-quality and skillfully designed garage that will last for years.

How to Install a Sub-Panel in a Detached Garage -2 Ways

installing subpanel for a detached garage

This is a frequent question that comes up, how does one install a sub-panel in a detached garage? First, good news! You can install a sub-panel yourself, or you can purchase a pre-built detached garage with power included.

1. DIY Installation of Your Detached Garage’s Subpanel

To get an idea of the process of installing a sub-panel, check out this short blog on installing a sub-panel by Hunker.

Also, if you are thinking to install one by yourself, dig a bit deeper into what installing a sub-panel could entail by watching this youtube by Farbulous Creations.

As well as wiring the electric by Farbulous Creations.

2. Subpanel Included with a Pre-built Detached Garage

If all the work does not suit your cup of tea, remember if you purchase a pre-built detached garage, you can have power already installed, included in your final detached garage price. No stress and no hassle!

Bottom Line of Detached Garage Advantages and Prices

bottom line of detached garage prices

Whether you go DIY or pre-built, hopefully you now have answers to the following questions.

  • Is a detached garage right for me?
  • Can I afford it?
  • How should I buy/build it?

If you can answer yes to the first two questions, all that is left is to make your final decision of how you should build your detached garage.

Gemco Building Systems Got Your Detached Garage!

gemco prebuilt quality detached garages

Partner with Gemco Building Systems for your pre-built detached garage! Whether you desire all metal or wood detached garage, Gemco has your back. Even if you have a remote location, we can build on-site! Check out all the detached garages available to you from Gemco and enjoy owning a trendy and high-quality garage!

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