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Onur Aydin - February 15, 2023

steel portable garage

You know the challenge it is to keep your car looking nice, not to mention maintained and running smoothly. The problem is only exacerbated by keeping your vehicle outside. 

Say hello to the Portable Garage Shed. Having a steel portable garage gives you a great alternative to building an expensive, time-consuming, garage addition to your home. 

And the best part is that having a portable garage shed gives you the flexibility to be able to take your garage with you if you ever decide to relocate. 

What is a Portable Garage Shed?

A portable garage shed is a large shed that includes a garage door and reinforced, heavy-duty flooring, allowing you to park your car, motorcycle, or other equipment. The beauty of portable garage sheds is how multi-functional they can be. Doubling as a simple garage, tool shed, and/or workshop. 

Our Steel portable garages come in a variety of sizes, from a 12×20, which is about the smallest garage that will fit most cars, to 16×24 and even larger sizes that give you room for your vehicle as well as your tools, lawnmower, or workbench! 

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Types of Garage Sheds

Wood Garage Sheds

One of the more common portable garage sheds you will see is the wooden garage. Built with the normal wood framing, floor, and siding, these garages are a good option, although, with the price of lumber and labor, wooden garage sheds tend to be a bit more expensive and will be quicker to begin deteriorating as they are exposed to the elements.


Carports can be a great option for a portable garage solution if you are looking for a basic solution to keeping your vehicle out of the sun and rain, but don’t need a completely closed-in garage. Carports also make for great RV covers, giving you the perfect place to keep your camper clean and looking sharp so it’s ready to roll when you need a vacation!

metal portable carport

Steel Garage Sheds

Looking for an upgrade from a wooden garage, a steel portable garage is the next step up. Our portable garages are built with 100% American-made steel that is guarrented for 40 years. So if you need a building that will last for decades, than a steel portable garage shed is a great option. With the flexibilty of moving your shed if you ever decide to move. But why should you consider a Steel Portable Garage Shed? Below are three reasons we think they’re great!

  • Affordable:

Because of the simple construction of steel garages, you can get a high-quality building for a very affordable price. Check our 3D builder or request your free quote to find out how much your ideal portable garage would cost.

  • Durable:

If you need a high quality building, with almost zero maintainance, than you’ll find a metal garage shed to be right in that sweet spot. The steel and paint are designed to withstand the everyday wear and tear of the elements.

  • Customizable

The best part is that you can pick exactly what you want your shed to look like and how big you want it. Do you need a garage door to easily get your car or other equipment in and out easily? No worries, we got you covered. Do you want one window, or two or three? You’re in luck. In other words, from top to bottom, you can customize your shed to perfectly fit your needs!

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How much does a Portable Garage shed cost?

The cost of metal portable garages varies depending on the size, along with other factors like the type of siding, number of doors and windows, etc.

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We loved our experience with GEMCO. Rhianna was very friendly & professional. We also got our building quick for our home-based business. Looking forward to ordering again from her!

Dawn Childs


3 Benefits of a Gemco Steel Portable Garage!

1. Multiple Financing Options:

Pay All At Once

Of course, paying for your garage all at once is always an option, whether you are purchasing it with cash, credit card, or check, with no additional fees.


If you are ready to have the convenience of your own portable garage shed, but don’t have the full amount to put down. Then rent-to-own is the perfect option. This only requires a small down payment, along with your application. 

Traditional Financing

There is always the traditional financing route you can take. Gemco works with reliable financing companies, but this will also require a credit check. 

warranty options for 16x24 sheds

2. Free Delivery:

We offer free delivery of your building anywhere within 50 miles of one of our three locations. We deliver outside of the 50-mile radius, and you can contact our offices to get a quote on your building delivery. 


1931 Barton Dr.

Shreveport, LA. 71107


2150 Swan Lake Spur

Bossier City, LA. 71111


3246 Stagecoach Rd.

Keithville, LA. 71047

3. Industry Leading Warranty!

When you get a steel portable garage shed from Gemco, you will only get the best, backed up by our Industry leading Warranty

Starting with our metal for the siding and roofing that is 100% all-American made and comes with a 40-year warranty. But our warrant extends for 10 years and applies to any damage that is caused by poor craftsmanship.

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Get Your Own Portable Garage Shed today!

A portable garage shed allows you to have the benefit of a garage for your car, with the affordability of a shed, and the ability to take your building with you if you decide to relocate! 

Get A free quote or start designing your shed in our Online 3D Builder

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