How Much Weight Can a Wooden Deck Hold

Onur Aydin - October 6, 2023

how much weight can a wooden deck hold

When we consider adding anything to the deck, like a hot tub, or improving it by putting a rooftop on the deck and calling it a wooden porch, the question “How much weight can a wooden deck hold?” comes to mind.

The amount of weight a wooden deck can hold will depend on a few factors, such as the type of wood used for the deck and the quality of the construction. Generally speaking, a wooden deck made with high-quality construction and materials can hold up to 50 pounds per square foot.

The weight that a wood deck can support is determined by the type of wood, the size of the joists, and the spacing of the joists. A pressure-treated timber deck will typically be able to support up to 50 pounds per square foot. The deck may be able to support up to 70 pounds per square foot if it is composed of cedar or redwood.

How To Calculate Deck Weight Capacity

In most scenarios, it’s best to get the deck’s weight capacity from the contractor who built the deck to get the most accurate calculation of the deck’s maximum weight capacity. But, there are also some online tools that you can use to calculate your deck’s weight capacity, such as the Deck Weight Limit Calculator, Deck Load Calculator, and more. If you’re not familiar with some of the terms and all you need are safe numbers, it’s best to contact your contractor or reach out to a structural engineer.

How Much Weight Can a Wooden Deck Hold By Size

Everyone has different sizes of wood decks. In this section, we picked up the two different sizes from the most asked questions and answered one for the small wooden decks and one for the large wooden decks.

How Much Weight Can a 16×20 Deck Hold

how much weight can a deck hold

First, we want to determine how many square feet a 16×20 deck has. A 16×20 deck is 320 square feet. According to our calculations above, 320 square feet times 50 pounds equals 16,000 pounds. But, of course, it varies depending on the deck’s material, life span, and other possible factors. To find out the square foot of a deck, there are online tools that you can use, such as the Square Footage Calculator and many others.

How Much Weight Can a 8×8 Deck Hold

how much weight can a wood deck hold

As we have done above, first, we need to first figure out how many square feet a 8×8 deck has. 64 square feet make up an 8×8 deck. As shown by the equations above, 3,200 pounds is equivalent to 64 square feet times 50 pounds. However, it naturally varies based on the type of deck, how long it will last, and any other relevant aspects.

Can A Wooden Deck Hold Hot Tub

When we consider installing a hot tub on the deck, one commonly asked question is “How much weight can a wooden deck hold?” If you’re planning on getting a hot tub for your deck, you want to make sure that your deck can hold a hot tub. Can a wooden deck hold a hot tub? Yes, it is possible to have a hot tub on a deck. Depending on the deck and hot tub type, you may need to consider structural support and safety features. You should also consult a professional to ensure the hot tub is installed properly. Our deck builders at GEMCO can help you with your deck questions.

Conclusion: How Much Weight Can a Wooden Deck Hold

wooden deck weight capacity

If you want to make sure that you have the most accurate estimate of how much weight can a wooden deck hold, you might want to consider reaching out to an expert to get their opinion based on the condition of your existing deck or the deck you want to build.

Suppose you already have a deck and want to know your existing deck’s weight capacity. In that case, questions might include the size of the deck, how old the deck is, what material the deck is, how many posts it has, is a two-story deck or is installed on a durably prepared space, and more…

If you are planning on getting a new wood deck installed, then it will bring up questions such as what you plan to do with the deck, whether you plan to have a hot tub installed on it, whether you plan to make it a two-story deck, and some other questions.

Either way, our wooden deck building expert at GEMCO Building Systems would be able to answer your “how much weight can a wooden deck hold?” question and more. Contact us, and let’s talk about your deck plan.

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