How Much Do Prefab Metal Buildings Cost? – 2022

Onur Aydin - June 2, 2022

prefab metal buildings cost

Are You Ready to Buy a Prefab Metal Building?

If you are ready to invest in a prefab metal building for your needs, you have come to the right place! Prefab Metal Buildings and carports are a popular portable building type in Louisiana for various applications. Lots of people in Louisiana are using Prefab metal buildings for farm-related and other storage purposes. They can also create one-of-a-kind steel pole buildings, prefab steel barnsmetal shop buildings, or even heavy industrial steel buildings.

If you’re interested and looking for the best prefab metal buildings then keep reading! We’ve put this whole blog together complete with building prices to help you confirm whether or not a prefabricated metal building is suitable for you and your space requirements. Before we find a suitable prefab metal building for you, let’s go over some space facts and styles.

Popular Prefab Metal Building Sizes

It can be difficult to choose the right size for your future prefab metal buildings. You might think a 20×20 prefab metal building might be a good size option for your needs but a little bit of research on some of the popular sizes of a prefab metal building wouldn’t hurt.

Here is a list of popular prefab metal building sizes in Louisiana:

  • 20×20 prefab metal buildings
  • 20×30 prefab metal buildings
  • 20×40 prefab metal buildings
  • 28×36 prefab metal buildings

How Much Do Prefab Metal Buildings Cost in Louisiana?

🔎 Let’s see how much some of the most popular size options for Prefab Metal Buildings cost in Louisiana!

We will discover the following buildings prices:

  • Cost of 20×20 metal building
  • 20×30 metal building price
  • 20×40 steel building price
  • 28×36 metal building cost

Cost of A 20×20 Metal Building

20x20 prefab metal buildings cost

An average cost of a 20×20 prefab metal building is between $9,500 to $13,000 depending on the building specifications. GEMCO sells 20×20 prefab metal buildings in Louisiana!

★ We also provide 40 years of steel warranty for our prefabricated steel buildings!

Building on the picture is$11,310.

20×30 Metal Building Prices

20x30 prefab metal buildings cost

A 20×30 prefab metal building price ranges from $11,700 to $15,900 depending on the building specifications. GEMCO sells 20×30 prefab metal buildings in Louisiana!

Rent-To-Own prefab metal building

★ GEMCO also offers a Rent-To-Own prefab metal building buying option!

Building on the picture is $13,515.

20×40 Steel Building Prices

20x40 prefab metal buildings cost

20×40 steel buildings price ranges from $14,300 to $25,500 depending on the building specifications. We build and sell 20×40 steel buildings in Louisiana and deliver to the location of your choice!

★ Learn more about delivery areas on our prefab metal building delivery page.

Building on the picture is $18,715.

28×36 Prefab Metal Buildings Cost

28x36 prefab metal buildings cost

28×36 steel buildings price ranges from $13,300 to $24,200 depending on the metal building customizations. We build and sell 28×36 steel buildings in Louisiana!

★ Read some of our customer reviews for the metal buildings!

Building on the picture is $20,910.

Simple Plans for Metal Prefab Buildings

20×20 PLAN

20x20 prefab metal buildings plan

20×30 PLAN

20x30 prefab metal buildings plan

20×40 PLAN

20x40 prefab metal buildings plan

28×36 PLAN

28x36 prefab metal buildings plan

Customer Reviews


We loved our experience with GEMCO. Rhianna was very friendly & professional. We also got our building quick for our home-based business. Looking forward to ordering again from her!


Made the QUICKEST and EASIEST purchase with Casey today! Very knowledgeable, friendly and efficient. Will definitely recommend (and will use again!!) 5 stars!

Questions – Prefab Metal Buildings

How to get a free quote for a prefab metal building?

We’re glad you asked! You can easily use our Free Quote form to get a rough estimate for your future prefab metal building! You can also Contact Us if you have any questions.

Can I design my prefab metal building?

Yes! You can use our Online 3D Prefab Metal Building Designer to design your own prefab metal building and get a free quote for your design. You will receive an email including the quote details and plans.

Does GEMCO offer financing for prefab metal buildings?

Yes, we offer financing plans for prefab metal buildings! We offer three different buying options. All at once, Rent-to-Own, Traditional Financing.

Of course, paying immediately for the entire price of your prefab steel building is the most ideal option.

Rent-to-own financing options do not require a credit check. The only immediate requirement is a small down payment which varies depending on the desired prefab metal buildings.

Our traditional financing option is the ideal alternative to our Rent-to-Own financing option. We work with a reliable financing company in order to include more ways to make buying a prefab metal building doable. Keep in mind that this option is subject to a credit check.

Does GEMCO serve in my area?

We build our prefab metal buildings at our facility centers in Shreveport, Bossier City, and Keithville in Louisiana and deliver it to the location of your choice. We also offer on-site build services if your building requires an on-site prefab metal building process.

We also build and deliver prefab metal buildings to the following areas; Carthage, TX, Longview, TX, Texarkana, TX, Magnolia, AR, Mansfield, LA, Minden, LA, Ruston, LA, Center, TX, Smithland, TX, Natchitoches, LA, Jacksonville, TX, Mt Pleasant, TX, Nacogdoches, TX, Mineola, TX, and more!

Visit our Areas We Serve page to learn more.

Does GEMCO offer warranty?

Yes, we provide 10/10/40 years of warranty for our prefab metal buildings in Louisiana! To learn more about our warranty options, visit our Warranty page.

Get A Perfect Prefab Metal Building!

how much do prefab metal buildings cost in louisiana

Your ideal prefab metal building for sale and waiting for you, and Gemco is ready to help and equip you in your search for the best fit for your space requirements.

Business Structures, Commercial Buildings, Metal Shop Buildings, Industrial Metal Buildings, Steel Barns, Portable Barns, Metal Buildings, Metal Carports, and more, get a free quote by using our quote form or use our online 3D Prefab Metal Building Builder to design your own prefab metal building design!

Prefab metal buildings for sale in Louisiana!

Discovery awaits, and Gemco is at your service!

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